Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cynthia's 8th Grade Graduation

Cynthia graduated from SMM on May 21st. It was a wonderful evening. She looked beautiful with her Taylor Swift curls. She was also honored several times for her academic achievements. The vice-principal also announced that Cynthia has won the Ann Kalmey Christian Scholar award. The announcement spoke of many of Cynthia accomplishments as well as read some wonderful passages from her letters of recommendation. The award comes with a $500 scholarship as well! At the end of the ceremony, Cynthia and her friend Megan sang a duet. I continue to be amazed by her voice. If I can figure out how, I will load the video to the blog as well. I think one of the best parts of the night for her was her grad present - a cell phone finally!

Pioneer Day

SMM has a pioneer day for the 4th graders every year. The kids and parents dress in period attire and learn to make candles, wash clothes the old fashion way, have a picnic lunch, etc. It is great fun and this year the weather was great! I had the costumes made when Cynthia was in 4th grade.

8th Grade Trip Preparation

Chris took Cynthia to Walgreens to get the necessary supplies for her 8th grade trip. She ran into several classmates that had the same idea.

Amanda is a soccer star

Amanda did not get to play much soccer this year due to the unusual amount of rain we had this spring. She does a great job on defense!

SMM Field Day

Rachel was in charge of the concession stand for field day. She did a great job. I did not know that it was going to be so hectic. There were 20+ kids in line almost the whole day. All the girls enjoyed the day.

Bruce's Birthday

The girls made a 3 decker cake for their grandpa Bruce's birthday celebration.

Dance Recital

Amanda Joins the Tennis Team

Amanda joined the SMM tennis team this year. She really progressed alot over the season and even won her doubles match at the end of the season.

Spanish Breakfast

Eleanor enjoyed breakfast with her classmates. The food all consisted of words they had learned in Spanish class.

Show Choir