Sunday, July 29, 2007

Beavin guys birthday party

Celebrated the July birthdays at the Falls of the Ohio. Jeff did his best Tom Hanks impression by trying to navigate a raging current and Mike and Dad threw rocks at each other (circled).

Chris turns 42

Eleanor made the cake, showing her mother that baking and cooking can begin ar early ages.

Things to do when your uncle turns 70

Chris' uncle Junie (Russell and Virginia Corley) turns 70 this August and his kids threw a surprise birthday party in Owensboro. So what does the second generation do when a great-uncle they barely know has a big birthday party? Why, bury themselves in the playground rubberized mulch, of course! Didn't even get a picture of Junie.


Andrea's cousin was baptized July 7 and we celebrated with Ray and Andrea (seems like all of the men in Andrea Beavin's family are also married to an Andrea). Call it 'corn-hole' or 'horseshoes for drunk people' or whatever, but Andrea's uncle Bob Peake took it to us.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Tournament Action

Amanda's Angels lost in the softball tournament last week and her season is over. Rachel and Cynthia were a high seed in their tournament but could not get their pitching together and lost Thursday night. Bridget's team won their regular season division and their first tournament game last night.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hamster On the Loose! How much property damage can one rodent do?

Twinkie, the hamster, has escaped from her cage numerous times considering she is a partial hamster genius. Every time she escaped though, we found her at a maximum of 3 days. On day 4, we started to get worried.Chris had to rip through his beautiful drywall again to catch the mischevious hamster. We found her in the heating vent but she would not come out. A day later Eleanor ran up the stairs yelling "I found Twinkie!" Twinkie jumped through the hole in the drywall and crawled back in her cage!

Bridget's big pool party

Bridget turned 6 in June. We had her party at a friend's house and celebrated the pool theme. The pool part worked well but the beer chickens were a bit over-done!! (don't you have flames under your chicken when you grill out?)