Monday, October 20, 2008

Andrea runs the half marathon

Ok, so she didn't save any Greek soldiers, but Andrea ran a lot further than most of us can. The Metro Parks hosted the run yesterday. Chris and the kids met her at the finish line.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Chris and friend Joe French went to Chicago last weekend. The German U-505 submarine was the only U-boat captured in WWII and the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry opened a new exhibit with the boat a few years ago. Very cool thing to see.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

St X / Trinity Game

Beautiful weather contributed to the record crowd at the game which drew over 38,000 people. We had fun tailgating before the game. It was Bruce's (Andrea's dad) 50th class reunion which was all the more special since St X was victorious in the game.

Blessing of the Rats

Amanda brought her pet rats to SMM for the Blessing of the Animals. Father Steve did a great job in when he was interupted by someone when he said "we bless the Trinity" and someone yelled out "Can you bless the St X". Of course, this was 2 days before the big game!

Beavin Family Reunion 2008

We had a great turn out for the Beavin Family Reunion despite the fact that it fell at exactly the same time as the U of L / UK football game.

Rachel's Birthday Sept 29

Rachel had a sleepover with 5 friends to celebrate her birthday. She had a great time. She was very excited by her gift from the Jeff Beavin family and Uncle Mike - an ipod shuffle.

Eleanor's First Day of School

We now have all the girls at SMM. Eleanor has adjusted to SMM very well. All the girls are doing very well in school. Rachel was invited to take the ACT through the Duke Talent Search Program. Cynthia took the ACT last year. We were very proud and amazed at her score. She has again been asked to participate in the SEEK program which is an exchange program between the Catholic schools.

David's Visit

"Uncle" David (Andrea's brother) stayed with us during the Ryder Cup. Even though we did not have power most of that week, it was great to have him around.