Monday, August 4, 2008

Vacation #1 2008

Annual trip to Barren River Lake. I get to pick the bathing suits next year. - Chris
I love Barren now as much as when I was a kid probably more since we now have access to a wonderful house instead of camping in a tent. Chris, I, the girls and my mom and dad all love being on the water to tube, swim, boat, solo on the wave runner, etc. The state lodge is just a mile away by car and we can horseback ride, golf and swim there as well. We can see plenty of wildlife (deer, bugs, turtles) while enjoying all the modern day comforts in the house - dishwasher, microwave, TV, etc. This year, Chris' dad and niece joined us for a couple of days. which was very nice. - Andrea

Click the link below to see 141 pictures from our Barren Lake vacation.

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